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RenalGuard ® Solutions is a medical device company specializing in innovative solutions in the field of cardiovascular disease. The lead product RenalGuard ®was developed to flush the contrast medium, which is used in many cardiovascular, diagnostic and interventional imaging procedures, out of the body via the kidneys as quickly as possible. Approximately 10 to 20% of patients in whom the administration of a contrast medium is unavoidable, as it greatly facilitates the display on X-ray images, develop what is known as contrast-induced nephropathy. i.e. the already diseased kidney can no longer filter the substances of the contrast medium in full and further damage occurs as a result, which can lead to kidney insufficiency (chronic kidney failure).



The RenalGuard Germany team



Katja Grebe - Clinical and Sales Manager RenalGuard Germany

Katja Grebe
Clinical and Sales Manager





Dieter Johann Hupens

Dieter Johann Hupens